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Brillo History

10 Facts About Warhol's Brillo Boxes

Brillo Pads & Cleaning Products

Lessons Unit: Brillo: Is It Art? – The Andy Warhol Museum

Brillo Soap Pads Boxes, 1964 - Andy Warhol

Brillo Pads POP ART Digital Download 4up Warhol-style Pop Art Modern Art Funky Colorful Design Retro Household Items - Finland

Brillo Savvy Cleaning Tips & Tools

A new doc tells the story of the Warhol Brillo Box sculpture

File:Brillo soap pads.JPG - Wikipedia

Brillo Armaly Brands

Created because he wanted to make something ordinary, the Brillo Box series pushed the boundaries of what art is. Considered to be one of his most controversial pieces, Kidrobot and The Andy Warhol Foundation have teamed up to bring you the Andy Warhol Brillo Box Mini Series. Each tin Brillo box contains a mystery vinyl or plush figure worth of their 15 minutes of fame. Collect them all today and add new depth to your Andy Warhol collection.

Kidrobot Andy Warhol Brillo Blind Packaging Box Mini Series


Andy Warhol‚Brillo Boxes


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