Drain Dry Foam  Foam n More & Upholstery

Drain Dry Foam Foam n More & Upholstery

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lt;p>Dryfast foam also known as EZ-Dry is our most popular outdoor foam seat, back and mattresses cushion applications. With open pores, this foam has a 1 to 3 hour drying time and can be left outside all the time. To make the foam last longer it is best to storage the foam when it is not in use.</p>

The size of the 10 samples is 5” x 5” x 2”., With free shipping for this kit only.

Foam Mattress Topper Sample Pack

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Foam N' More

Our Luxury Firm foam is a high density foam. This foam grade is recommended for cars, seat pads, seat cushions and massage tables 4 thick or thinner.

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Foam n More & Upholstery

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This high-quality Shredded Foam is mixed with 1.8lbs to 2.8lbs density and comes without skin. Our shredded foam can be used in throw pillows,

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Treat your feet to luxurious comfort every time you step out of the shower with the Memory Foam Bath Mat from MICRODRY. Made with Memory Foam HD, it instantly dries your feet while keeping them warm and cozy. Patented Skid-Resistant GRIPTEX Base Featuring a patented GRIPTEX skid-resistant base, our mats work well on wet or dry surfaces. So you don’t have to worry about accidental slips or skids every time you step out of the shower.

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