Our White Gesso: Same as it Ever Was

Our White Gesso: Same as it Ever Was

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You might have recently noticed that we updated our labels for Grounds, Mediums and Gels to aim for better clarity, accuracy and simplicity. While reviewing the labels, we decided to both standardize the descriptions of all of these products and double check the accuracy of the sliders which help convey opacity, sheen and thickness. In Read more

White Gesso Decorative Bowl – Haley's Interiors

Experimental Products

Oftentimes the success of your project is determined at the very beginning of the creative process: priming your surface. Use this gesso as a primer

DecoArt Media Gesso, 4 oz., White

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Untitled abstract/psychedelic, art created by me, 2023, acrylic paints on 2'x2' gesso primed white canvas. If you look at it long enough your eyes and mind will play tricks on each other.

Golden Gesso 8 oz.

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