Removing 'paint' coating off knives : r/fixit

Removing 'paint' coating off knives : r/fixit

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PC Products Rotted Wood Repair Kit 084113 - The Home Depot

Cutting limes dulls finish of knife and removed oil slick patina. Is this ok? : r/chefknives

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My wife hates this shitty knife but it's also the one she reaches for 90% of the time. Is there a not-shitty version of this knife? : r/chefknives

Stripping the Coating

Get paint off Wood with Citristrip, Vinegar, Heat Gun and Easy-Off

Way to remove rubberized coating on plastic? : r/crafts

I bought this cool pocket knife at a yard sale a few days ago. It has a lot of rust on it, especially the saw part. Also, the knives are super dull.

Stripping the Coating

Removing factory knife coating

Wiss Auto-Retracting Safety Utility Knife WKAR2 - The Home Depot