Content is King: The Importance of Good Copy in Print with RollingPress

Anyone in marketing can tell you that the content remains king.

But a good copy is not restricted to the web material; even print requires excellent copywriting to be effective. The need isn’t different from web copy: it needs to be able to hold attention from the moment someone reads it. It must be concise and informative. Most of all, it needs to appeal to the reader’s emotions.

The print is powerful, and the copy is what drives it.

But in a world of dying print, why does good copy continue to be vital?

Print is tangible, and people are more willing to pay attention to it
The physical feel of publications, posters, flyers, and brochures give a more legitimate weight to a piece of marketing. It’s a form of marketing that is still widely regarded as credible, as it’s something that can be held and referred back to in a real way. Therefore, good copy is of the essence. The text must be clear, concise, and carefully checked to be free of errors. People will hold onto or remember a piece in print than anything digital.

Print appeals to emotion better
As mentioned in the previous point, print is tangible. It’s the reason people hold onto books, magazines and still refer to newspapers. The printed copy has a stronger emotional connection than something transient, like something online. A good copy that appeals to the emotion holds the reader’s mind and keeps the information at the forefront. They will be more likely to remember and pass the information on.

Good copy on print reflects your brand image
It’s not just about colorful designs that catch the eye. Good copy means a clever headline or a great hook that will stay in the mind of the reader holding onto your material. The headline should immediately impart what you’re all about as a company.

The effect of the print material, along with the copy, will embed itself into the mind of the reader a lot better. It will also project an immediate image of the brand that your company has.

Good copy is a weapon in print, just as it is online. Making sure the message comes across clearly is part of wielding that weapon. With good technique, it’s going to be an invaluable tool in marketing. Contact us at RollingPress to learn more about what great print can do for your brand

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